Naked as They Came: Eating With Nudes at Marina Abramovic’s LA MOCA Gala Performance

MOCA is by now famous for having artists ‘curate’ or rather ‘direct’ the annual gala; in previous years, the likes of multi-media artist Doug Aitken and artist/satirist Francesco Vezzoli spearheaded everything from the napkins to the entertainment. Saturday night, it was performance artist extraordinaire Marina Abramovic’s turn. At this point in her career, the artist is used to hearing the word ‘controversy’ when her work is a topic of discussion. Just 24 hours before her directorial debut of “An Artist’s Life Manifesto,” the MOCA gala piece, she was lambasted by legendary dancer Yvonne Rainer for what Ms. Rainer called ‘grotesque’ and ‘verging on economic exploitation’ for Ms. Abramovic’s use of 85 actors—for two days of services, each participant was to be paid $150 and would also receive a one-year membership to the museum. 

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